Corey Smith

July 28, 2018

8:00PM; 7:00PM Gates Open

The way Corey Smith sees it, he owes a debt to his fans. And it’s one he is
determined to repay with his 10th album, While the Gettin’ Is Good. The project,
released on Sugar Hill Records, marks the first time that the singer-songwriter, a
wildly popular touring artist who has produced all of his past efforts, has turned
over the reins to a bona fide country music producer in Keith Stegall. The result is
Smith’s most ambitious record yet, as well as a return on the investment made by
the fans who have supported him since his first album in 2003.

“A lot of start-up acts are using fan-funded programs to finance their record. That’s
what my whole career has been: Kickstarter before Kickstarter. When my fans show
up and buy a ticket and a t-shirt, they’re investing in what I’m doing,” says Corey.
“It’s my responsibility to invest it wisely and give them the best album I can. That’s
what led me to While the Gettin’ Is Good.”

It’s also what led him to Stegall, who has produced such radio heavyweights as Alan
Jackson and Zac Brown Band. It was the producer’s track record, country-music
experience and easy-going nature that convinced Corey that he was the man to
refine his signature acoustic sound. “Keith knows how to make country records,” he
says, “but I wanted to make my kind of country record and he understood that
immediately. He simply wanted to get us comfortable in a studio environment so we
could do what we do onstage every night. For me, it was very liberating to be able to
focus solely on performing and not be burdened by a lot of the decision-making and
drilling down that goes into producing. It was the first time I was able to go into the
studio and focus on what I do best. Keith was there to handle the rest.”

A collection of 12 songs, While the Gettin’ Is Good was written entirely by Corey. As
such, it’s a deeply personal album, one that explores themes of love, hometown
pride and even personal discovery.

Now, however, Corey is focused squarely on the future. As the new album title
suggests, he’s ready to make a determined grab at country’s brass ring while the
gettin’ is good. And with Keith Stegall and Sugar Hill Records behind him, the gettin’
has never been better. As the perseverant Corey is fond of saying, “There is more
than one way to skin a cat in country music.”

“I always dreamed of being able to make a record like this. I wanted to explore all
the possibilities of a song and work with a producer who was among the best and
who could teach me,” he says. “What makes me different is that I write all these
songs, and I write them from the heart. I’ve lived them.”

Which is exactly why his fans are willing to go along for the ride and invest so much
in an artist who speaks to their way of life. To Corey, While the Gettin’ Is Good is his
way of opening up his heart, along with his wallet, and paying them back.

“I’m going to take the goodwill they’ve given me and continually invest it into
making better and better records that reflect who I am and my vision,” he says.
“They’ve entrusted me with a lot, so I’m trying to be the best steward I can be.”