Hope Givers Festival

Hope Givers Mental Wellness & Music Festival 

The Inaugural HOPE GIVERS FESTIVAL at Sweetland Amphitheatre in LaGrange GA Saturday, May 11th. A celebration of music, inspiration, hope, and education.

The HOPE GIVERS mental wellness + music festival is an annual fundraiser for the Georgia-based 501(c)3 IAMHOLDENON. 100% of proceeds from the festival support creating content, curriculum, and camps that promote positive mental wellness and suicide prevention.

Every ticket for this show includes a CD copy of Judah And The Lion’s forthcoming album. You will receive an email with more details about this offer approximately 7 days after your purchase.


For questions about tickets, contact Ticket Alternative at (877) 725-8849

Schedule of Events 

Sweetland Main Stage:

8pm: Judah & the Lion (2018 iHeartRadio’s New Alt-Rock Artist of the Year)
6pm: Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors (Americana, Country, Folk Rock)
4pm: The War and Treaty (Soul, Gospel)



12pm: Panel Discussion: Student Led Initiatives (Moderated by NAMI Georgia)
1pm: Taylor Wesley: Miss Auburn University 2015 (From “I” to “We”)
2pm: Josh Rhye: Motivational Speaker (A Pastor’s Personal Journey)
3pm: Giovan Bazan: Motivational Speaker (Positivity)


12:15pm: Kris Brooks: NASCAR YOGA INSTRUCTOR (bring mat if you’re local)
1:45pm: Mel Carter: MINDFULNESS 101 (Head of Mindfulness at NYU – New York University)
3pm: Kat Dolan: TEDx Speaker/Performance Poet

Art Experience: 

12-4pm: Interactive Art Installation (“Hope Rocks” by LaGrange Art Museum) – Free “hands-on” art experience

Nami Youth Zone:

12-4pm: NAMI Family & Children Wellness Zone (Led by Mike Angstadt of Mike Angstadt Consulting) – Sign up at the festival. 

VIP Lounge: 

3-5pm: VIP Lounge: Meet & Greet with Speakers (no bands) 

Judah and the Lion 

Saturday, May 11, 2019

For Judah & the Lion, the last two years should’ve been the best of their lives as the Nashville band toured behind a powerful single and a genre-upending album, sharing stages with heroes and playing to oceans of fans. But as everything was coming together for them, singer-guitarist Judah Akers’ family was falling apart in a hail of alcoholism and affairs, death and divorce. From that tension comes Pep Talks, the trio’s third LP and a hard left turn into deeply personal terrain. Knowing they had something new on their hands, Judah, Brian Macdonald (mandolin), and Nate Zuercher (banjo) took their time crafting a set of songs that not only shores up their one-of-akind sound—a heart-pounding whirl of folk, bluegrass, rock, hip-hop and electronic production— but takes the listener on a bracingly candid, surprisingly anthemic journey from the kind of pain that tears your whole world apart to the sort of hard-won hope that can bridge the deepest of rifts.

“Up to this point, the band’s message has mostly been: ‘Live your best life! Pursue your dreams! Follow your heart!'” says Judah, “We had to start this record with broken-ness, with this cry that says, ‘I don’t want to hide this from anyone anymore. I’m going through something. I need help.'”

Drew Holcomb and The Neighbors  

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Souvenirs. Drew Holcomb has collected many of them. A road warrior for more than a decade, he’s spent his adulthood onstage and on the road, traveling from place to place with a catalog of vibrant, honest songs that explore the full range of American roots music. He turns a new corner with 2017’s Souvenir, a highly-collaborative album that finds Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors focusing on the things that truly stick with you — including family and friends, music and memories, people and places — in a fast-moving world.

Equal parts folksinger, roots-rocker, country crooner, and pop-hook provider, Holcomb blurs the lines between genres on his newest release. Souvenir is his band’s most expansive album to date, dishing up everything from the West Coast country-rock of “California” to the front-porch folk of “Mama Sunshine, Daddy’s Rain.” The rootsy songs are more rustic than ever before, laced with harmonica, upright bass, and banjo, while the rockers are downright electrifying, from the searing guitar solo that carves a lightning-shaped streak through “Sometimes” to the emotionally-charged duet with Holcomb’s wife, Ellie Holcomb, on “Black and Blue.” Holcomb is still the captain of this band’s ship, but Souvenir relies on contributions from the whole crew. It’s a proper “band album,” in other words, stacked with songwriting contributions from longtime members Rich Brinsfield and Nathan Dugger.

The War and Treaty   

Saturday, May 11, 2019

As the War and Treaty, spouses Michael Trotter, Jr. and Tanya Blount make impassioned soul music that draws on traditional folk, country, and spirituals, often combining them all. Both powerful singers capable of the leading the church choir, they instead pair their voices with various combinations of acoustic folk instruments, organ, and pedal steel guitar. They made their recording debut in 2017 with the EP Down to the River.

Then based in Albion, Michigan, Trotter and Blount briefly performed together as simply Trotter & Blount before changing their moniker to the War and Treaty in 2015. Word of their rousing, animated performances spread, and they were soon getting booked on the folk festival circuit and touring the country. In 2017, they signed with Strong World Entertainment, which released their debut EP, Down to the River, that July. Two months later, they were named one of the 20 best acts at AmericanaFest by Rolling Stone. The duo also spent part of that year writing and rehearsing in Nashville with a backing band.

The War and Treaty continued to tour heavily while preparing their full-length debut. In January 2018, they shared the stage with John Prine at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival, and in June, they made their Bonnaroo festival debut. Their first album, Healing Tide, arrived via Strong World in August 2018. It reached the Top 30 of the Billboard Heatseekers and independent albums charts. By then, they had already made fans like Emmylou Harris, Sam Bush, and Buddy Miller, among others, each of whom appeared on the album. Miller also produced.



One of the most sought after yoga instructors in America, Kris works for NASCAR and other professional sports organizations. Active both locally and internationally in the recovery community, Kris Brooks advocates to break the stigma of mental illness and addiction.



Head of the Mindfulness Education and Innovation at New York University (NYU). Miami was her home base for the last three years where Mel has been devoted to serving as a mindfulness consultant for various companies, colleges, C+ executives to identify gaps and needs within those cultures to foster stronger mindfulness foundations, tools, and leadership.



Giovan Bazan, aka G for short, is an international speaker who helps people develop excellent Mental Health Care strategies to optimize wellbeing and ensure longevity of fulfilling and purposeful lives. Over the past decade, G has researched the field of Mental Health from leading scholars, top academic institutions, and experts with lived-experiences from all around the world. His gift is his ability to articulate his empirically and academically obtained wisdom in humorous and anecdotal stories, that both educate and inspire the audience.



Kat Dolan is a performance poet and inspirational speaker and the founder of Out of Your Mind, a non-profit organization combatting social isolation through creative peer support and reframing mental illness as a mental opportunity. Kat has been performing original poetry for eight years, gracing countless stages across the United States and New Zealand. By sharing her poetry, Kat has found that her words have the ability to evoke visceral emotion in her audience, encouraging them to feel. When she is not traveling the country for inspirational speaking and poetry gigs, Kat finds joy in trail running and relaxing with her cat, Pem, in her renovated school bus nestled in the heart of Western North Carolina.



Josh is the founder and Lead Pastor of ThreeLife Church, as well as a partner of Revival Human Performance and Life Coach for KIA of LaGrange, Auburn, & Tallahassee. In 2013, Josh’s younger brother, Justin, died by suicide. While his life may be over, Justin’s story lives on and has impacted thousands of people to remind them that if they are breathing there is still hope. Josh is devoted to being true to who you are, loving, and not judging people for their scars but telling the story underneath them. Embodying and spreading HOPE everywhere!


The HOPE GIVERS mental wellness + music festival is an annual fundraiser for the Georgia-based 501(c)3 IAMHOLDENON. 100% of proceeds from the festival support creating content, curriculum, and camps that promote positive mental wellness and suicide prevention.